Streets Committee

Regular Meetings

  • 7:00 p.m.
  • The third Tuesday of every month
  • Village Hall 
    24 S. Portage Street
    Doylestown, OH  44230


  • Kay Kerr, Chairperson  
  • DJ Youngblood

  • Doug Nestor  
  • Terry Lindeman, Mayor

About the Board

The Streets & Sidewalks Committee reviews street projects in addition to street maintenance and repair, crack sealing, street striping, sidewalk, and curb repair. The Street Maintenance and Concrete Maintenance contracts are also reviewed by this Committee. Each year this committee prioritizes potential projects within a set budget.

The Committee also reviews and discusses any new or proposed revisions to legislation that is committee-related with the goal of making a recommendation to Council as-a-whole with regard to adoption.